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Business Beyond Facebook

Business Beyond Facebook

By: Christine Maldonado, Social Media Manager

social-network-76532_640Have you noticed the Facebook App shutting down on you recently? This last week has been frustrating as I reached for my phone to check up on what the world has been doing, only to get halfway through my newsfeed before it shuts me out.

This got me thinking: what if Facebook disappeared?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and it was gone? Pictures and videos- your niece’s first soccer game, last day of school pictures, and summer vacation pictures- gone. Connections with distant family and friends- gone. Birthday reminders- gone.

Do you have your media archived somewhere? Could you rebuild friendships and relationships on a new social media platform, or better yet, in person?

What would happen to the nonprofits and associations that rely on the free medium to communicate with their audiences? What about your business? Do you rely on Facebook and your social network to communicate with your customers?

Just think: If Facebook disappeared, would you still maintain an online reputation? Would you maintain ANY reputation? How would you rebuild?

Don’t worry, Facebook’s not going anywhere, but it’s important concept to consider and have in place a general public relations strategy for outreach. Whether you want to create a positive image, repair your image, reach out to influencers or the media, or expand your brand past Facebook into other social platforms, public relations can shape how a business is viewed by stakeholders.

Commonwealth PR is here to be your strategic business partner and handle your public relations and social media. Our expertise is unmatched, and crosses a multitude of industries and markets to meet all of your needs. With a local, regional and national client base, we’re equipped with a team of experienced practitioners known for their strategic communications and creative ideas.

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