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Consistency is Key: Why Your Social Media Channels (and Website) Should Match

Brand consistency helps build trust and clarity. Is your branding consistent across all channels to make things easier on your visitors?

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A Vision For Downtown Richmond

Eight years ago, I moved to Richmond. While having lunch with some members of a local TV station, one individual said, “I would never go downtown to shop or have dinner. It’s not safe, and there’s nowhere to park.” Her comment made me . . .

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Take 1….Action! CPR Adds Video Projects to Client Services

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so how many is a video worth?

In this day and age when content is king, you might want to think about how video is another form of content that can be used in multiple ways to influence, drive traffic or brand your company.

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“You’ve Got Mail!”

Email marketing can be one of the strongest marketing channels for making a profit and retaining customers. However, you would be shocked on the number of brands that can’t write a successful email.

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Keep Reading: CPR Blog Ranks Among Top 100 In The World

By Brian Chandler, president

When our company blog gets looped in with Regan’s PR Daily, PR Week and O’Dwyers Public Relations as one of the best blogs in the world, it’s a pretty big deal and we’re going to…

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