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“You’ve Got Mail!”

Email marketing can be one of the strongest marketing channels for making a profit and retaining customers. However, you would be shocked on the number of brands that can’t write a successful email.

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2016 Reflection

I have a feeling we’re all in the same boat, blinked and the entire year is gone. I’m wrapping up my first full year with Commonwealth Public Relations and I could not be more excited for 2017.

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Video: A Secret Weapon to Market Yourself

While working at Commonwealth Public Relations I have learned how valuable videos are for not only personal marketing via social media, but for corporate companies as well. This experience in the value of videos got me thinking about my friends who need jobs and how a video cover letter could possibly be a secret weapon in their fight to begin their career.

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Another Reason to Love Friday: CreativeMornings

Maybe it’s the Friday morning excitement of delicious coffee and muffins. Maybe it’s the excitement for the kick off activity, or the anticipation of the Monday morning registration reminder. Whatever the wow factor is, CreativeMornings is more about gathering on a Friday with Richmond’s best creative folks and digging in to a topic that resonates worldwide.

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