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Facebook Says: Your Business Is Now Closed

Facebook Says: Your Business Is Now Closed

By Christine Maldonado, social media manager

signI received an email from Facebook this week about whether or not one of our previous clients was still open for business. We had worked with a local business to build them a Facebook page from the ground up and bring them some new business. The page did well with hundreds of likes and steady engagement with customers and potential customers alike. As our contract was ending, our client said they’d like to try and take the reigns and run the page themselves. In the following nine months, the client made a total of seven posts…all within the first month. Facebook has now emailed me to confirm whether or not the business is open or closed because of the lack of activity on the page.

So, if Facebook thinks your business is closed, why should anyone else think it’s still open?

AdWeek conducted a survey in 2011 and found that 96% of the 1,972 small businesses they surveyed were on Facebook. It’s true, Facebook can be a great and inexpensive way for small businesses to communicate with customers, market, and advertise. However, if it’s not maintained, having a Facebook page may hurt you more than help you. This doesn’t just apply to small businesses, but all businesses large or small.

questionWhen you visit a page that hasn’t posted anything to Facebook in over a year, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

  • They must not be in business anymore. Why would a business that’s open and has Facebook followers not be talking to their followers?
  • They’re lazy. In a day where any smart phone can update a Facebook page, it can’t be that hard to make a post.
  • They don’t care. They joined Facebook because everyone else was and let is slip aside.

But we know these reasons don’t always apply to businesses that have inactive Facebook pages, right? We know it takes time and manpower to maintain a social media site. It’s not just making posts, but responding to comments, liking posts people have made to your page, replying to messages, engaging with followers, and coming up with creative content.

Yes, it might just be the opposite, that you have no idea what you’re doing, and that’s okay too. We know you don’t have a social media team in your office like some big corporations to maintain these sites, but you can.

logoThe social media team at Commonwealth Public Relations has worked with all types of businesses from the local level to international corporations. We can help maintain and grow your page so that your followers are hearing from you and keeping you in mind. We learn your business and post content your followers will find helpful, informational, and entertaining while engaging with them and keeping their business.

Want to learn more about how we can help your social media pages? Don’t have a social media page for your business but think you should? Send us an email. We can help!

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