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Hire An Expert, Before It’s Too Late

Hire An Expert, Before It’s Too Late

By: Brian Chandler, firm president

Sometimes you think you can do things on your own. After trying though, you find out you should have just hired an expert in the first place.

on_site_servicesPicture this… five years of emails, more than 100,000 messages, all gone forever. I was up past midnight for the third night in a row staring at my computer, wondering how and if I would ever get those emails back. I had invested in programs and downloaded others from the Internet that said they would rebuild my Entourage (Microsoft Office’s version of Outlook) database and recover my emails. I had even backed up my computer the day before the crash and knew the data was recoverable, but back ups wouldn’t work either.

Nothing worked, and I finally turned to an expert.

My choice was ALB Tech (, which has offices in Mechanicsville and in the Fan area of Richmond. The ALB Tech expert tackling my problem was Jamie Lay, co-owner of the company.

It was a Saturday afternoon (yes they were open on Saturday) when I met Jamie in Mechanicsville and dropped off my computer. “I’m sure that I can recover your emails,” he said with confidence. “It might take some time, but I know I can do it.”


That confidence gave me a sense of hope that I needed. He is the expert and I was willing to trust him to do his job.

As I waited for my computer to be fixed, I thought about my situation and the turning point when I finally decided to ask an expert to help me. It’s often that I will be in a meeting with someone who knows they need professional PR help and after trying to do it on their own and failing, they decide to hire a professional. Sometimes the damage they have done is far worse than lost files on a computer.

Thinking about our team here at Commonwealth Public Relations, we are those experts. We’re experts at social media and developing content and posts that drive engagement. Most of all, I think we’re all experts at relationship building. Whether it’s with the media or influencers, we pride ourselves at this. Our entire team thrives at knowing the right people who can help make things happen.

Looking back, I can’t really say why I was so stubborn about taking my computer to an IT expert, but I shouldn’t have waited. Jamie fixed my computer in less than 24 hours and recovered my more than 100,000 emails.

Next time you have a problem, consider an expert.

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