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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Commonwealth PRBy: Leah Batten, marketing account manager

Well, if you find yourself asking the question: “Is direct mail dead?” – I’ll answer your question with another question. Did radio die when TV gained popularity? Has TV died now that the Internet has become so powerful? Obviously the answer is “No.” In fact, both radio and TV are still alive and even thriving with millions of dollars being spent on advertising today.

In the era of the Internet and social media, marketers have found different avenues to connect with their target audience. Some of these new outlets are cheaper and faster than previous strategies. Are they better? More efficient? I’d argue not necessarily.

There is something special about receiving a personalized letter in the mail, a tactile sensation of tearing it open to find out what’s inside. That experience cannot be replicated with digital solutions.  Especially now, with more and more marketing efforts going online, the mail we do get, actually gets our attention.

Still not a believer? Check out some of these amazing statistics:

  • The USPS claimed 64% of consumers reported that they value the mail they receive in their mailbox (confirming an earlier survey showing that over 52% of people receive greater satisfaction from reviewing their physical mail compared to e-mail).
  • 94% of consumers took action on a promotion offer or coupon that they received through direct mail.
  • According to a survey by ExactTarget, an email marketing company, 76% of Millennial’s (yes, those young-ins who LIVE online!) have made a purchase through direct mail.

Many companies that are finding their marketing budgets tighten, are being forced to take their efforts all online. This is your chance! Direct Marketing most definitely still has a pulse and with that pulse means less competition, and overall success for your company.

Did your last direct mail campaign flounder? Don’t blame it on the medium, you might just be doing it wrong.

Check back next week for a “How To Guide” for strategically implementing a successful direct mail campaign. We’ll provide tips on how to make your marketing efforts more efficient!

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