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Making the Most of Social Media

Making the Most of Social Media

By: Caroline Radom, Account Manager

There are countless reasons why having a presence on social media can be helpful for your business. Using social media for your company or brand can provide many benefits, but like with most things, anything that is worth doing is worth doing well! Before you enthusiastically jump into creating a Facebook page or signing up for the latest and greatest social network, consider the following to ensure you’re making the most of social media:

Think strategically – When considering traditional communications or marketing plans, we at Commonwealth PR believe strategy plays the most important role. To be successful on social media, you’ll always need to have your strategy hat on, too! Consider your company’s objectives and goals, hours that can be devoted for social media and key metrics.

Coloured-Social-Media-Icons-RoundChoose the right networks – Whether you’re trying to reach as broad of an audience as possible or a small niche group through your social media efforts, choosing the right network where your audience “lives” online is the first step for social media success. Consider which networks will provide the best return on the investment of time, especially if staff resources are limited. This may mean that your business or brand isn’t on every single social media network, and we promise that’s okay!

Give it the attention it deserves – Before hitting that “create account” button, be sure that someone on your team has the time and knowledge to manage each account. This means that choosing the person to manage your brand’s social media accounts should not automatically default to the youngest person in the office. From creating original content to monitoring the account and interacting with users on a regular basis, it can be time consuming to effectively manage social media accounts. If you’re not sure that time can be carved out to effectively manage your brand’s social media properties, it might be better to wait or to hire an expert who can help.

Develop the right content – Whether you’re interested in connecting with the community, cultivating relationships with supporters or fundraising, the content developed should support the goals of the organization. Figuring out what works for users engaging with your brand or page takes time and sometimes, quite a bit of trial and error.  Remember, when it comes to social media content, quality always rules over quantity.

facebook-insights-chartDon’t be afraid of analytics –Tracking progress and figuring out what works or what doesn’t with your audience can be tricky, but luckily, most social media networks provide some analytics that can help! Engagement numbers are important, of course, but there are some other numbers that can help you evolve and improve what you’re doing. For instance, are users unliking your brand’s Facebook page en masse following a day heavy with content? It might be best to scale back and post less to prevent users from becoming fatigued of seeing your page’s posts in their newsfeed.

These tools, though they may seem daunting at first, are very useful when determining your company or organization’s social media strategy. They will help you make the necessary adjustments that make the most of your time and effort utilizing social media networks!

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