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Mark Bric Case Study

Case Studies

C l i e n t :  Mark Bric Display, North American Headquarters

T a c t i c s :  Media Relations, Social Media, Digital Marketing

S t r a t e g y :  Use PR and Digital Marketing to Open The Door for Phone Calls and Face-to-Face Meetings

O u t c o m e s :  Media Coverage, Social Engagement and Growth, Sales Leads


MB-new-logoMark Bric Display (MBD) is today one of the leading innovators and suppliers of display systems and exhibition stands. The company’s goal is to always be the leading quality producer of display and exhibition systems, with up-to-date and innovative product solutions for the Retail, Roadshow and Tradeshow arenas worldwide. All Mark Bric Display products are manufactured with the highest standard of workmanship and made of the best quality materials available.

Using Media Relations To Launch a New Product

Today, Mark Bric Display is headquartered in Sweden, with its North American headquarters located just outside of Richmond, VA. The company’s North American headquarters first called on Commonwealth PR in 2009 when it launched its new ISOframe Wave display, the world’s first fully flexible portable display system.

With customers being brought in from Canada, Mexico and across the United States, we were tasked with generating coverage locally and nationally of the product launch. Commonwealth PR’s team drafted a press release and handled distribution locally and nationally to trade publications, ensuring that those who didn’t attend the event heard about the new product and visited the company’s website for more information.

chartThe result of our media relations effort included local coverage in The Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Petersburg Progress-Index. National coverage was also achieved in Exhibitor Magazine, My Print Resource Magazine, and Wide Format Imaging Magazine.

At our recommendation, the company reproduced copies of these articles and distributed them to customers and prospects throughout their target area. Our efforts could be directly tied to sales calls from customers and an overall awareness of the ISOframe display, helping to open the door for Mark Bric Display’s sales team when making calls.

It’s Time To Go Social

facebookShortly after the media relations launch of the ISOframe product, Mark Bric Display came back to Commonwealth PR with the need of adding social media as a way to support marketing and sales efforts.

Our team started the company’s social media program from scratch, creating its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn channels. We back-fed each social media channel to give the impression that the company had been using social media for at least a year, establishing a sense of credibility among visitors.

In a year’s time, Commonwealth PR grew the company’s Facebook page from 0 followers/Likes to more than 1,300. This was done organically by focusing on daily posts that engaged followers and generated likes and comments.

Our overall social media strategy was to engage in conversation that could eventually be taken offline to a phone call or even a face-to-face visit. Our team always encouraged the client not to focus on the number of “Likes,” but the quality of the conversation that is taking place. This proved to be sound counsel.

As of August 20, 2013 we were using Facebook to generate more than 4,500 weekly total impressions, ensuring that the brand of the company was staying in front of potential clients and current customers.

It’s Time To Talk Via Email

Email marketing became the next tool for Mark Bric Display to add to its marketing toolbox being managed by Commonwealth PR. The company had already started utilizing email marketing on its own, but called on us to take it over and increase the results.

emailBy focusing on increasing the open rate and click through rate (CTR), we were able to generate sales leads and increase the branding awareness of the company. We have also grown the company’s email database from 3,000 recipients to more than 8,000 recipients. We have also grown the CTR from less than 1 percent to as high as 3 percent for the company’s monthly email newsletter.

The bigger success came when we started using email marketing to promote the company’s presence at trade shows. Out of four tradeshows this year with attendee lists of 1,000 to almost 3,000 people, we were able to generate an open rate as high as 45 percent and a CTR of 11 percent. Those numbers are unheard of in the email marketing industry. However, the real success came when the Mark Bric Display sales team at the tradeshows reported that people had seen the email and that was the reason they decided to stop by the booth for more information.

Today, we continue to support the company and handle its media relations, social media, and email marketing. The relationship has been strong since that first phone call in 2009.