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Message To Graduates: Buy A Stamp

Message To Graduates: Buy A Stamp

By: Brian Chandler, president

I got another resume yesterday…

As Commonwealth PR edges up on its sixth year in business, I have noticed that each year we get more and more emails with resumes from students about to graduate. Our agency gets between three to five emails a week this time of year from students who are about to graduate and enter the real world.

To be honest, I get tired of seeing emails with resumes that aren’t personalized and are filled with errors. Sometimes the emails read like robots wrote them. Many of these emails were obviously cut and paste job covering a distribution to many different companies. (Side note: I was a speaker on a panel a few years ago at Liberty University and one of the other panelist, who works for a different agency in Richmond, said they got a letter from a student that had our firm name written throughout.)

resumeGetting back to the resume and cover letter I received yesterday. This one was different and left a lasting impression.

First off, this resume actually came in the mail. Yes, the mail actually does still exist. Everything was in a large envelope, so all the materials inside remained flat and didn’t get bent. The letter was addressed to me, the company president, by name. The person writing actually included some information about our firm, which told me they had taken some time to review our website and research our company. They even included some personality in the letter. Everything was done right!

I don’t recall ever receiving any resumes in the mail and it definitely made an impression on me. I took the time to read all the information. Believe it or not, I even called the student to thank her for taking the time to reach out to me in the right way. She definitely set herself apart from the competition and I’m certain she’ll have a prosperous career in public relations.

Our firm believes in providing high-level communications, expert writing, strategic communications and making an investment to do things right. These are all things this student did. If you want a job in public relations, take some lessons from her. Chances are she’s already scooped you for the job you’re after…we’re having coffee on Friday.

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