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Practice Your Mom’s Proven PR Tactic

Practice Your Mom’s Proven PR Tactic

By: Brian Chandler, firm president

Mom knows best when it comes to one specific PR tactic that isn’t taught in any mass communications class or public relations course, but leaves a lasting impression and brand.

What is this tactic? Hand written “thank you” notes or letters.

Growing up, my mother and father both encouraged me to write thank you notes after birthday parties, Christmas and other holidays, or special events. Today, taking the time to write these notes is something that not only says thank you, but in some cases sets me a part from my competition.20140905_091854_resized

Let’s face it, in today’s realm of digital communications with phones and emails, saying thank you is easy. However, when someone takes the time to write a note and mail it, the outcome is much greater.

René Shimada Siegel, president and founder of High Tech Connect in California, and a regular contributor to, offering up advice and perspective for small business owners and entrepreneurs, says that it’s scary how few people take the time to say “thank you” and the reasons why can actually stem back to childhood.

“I think fewer parents teach children to write thank you notes along with other “good manners” like no elbows on the table, chewing with your mouth full, or bringing a gift when you visit someone’s house,” Siegel said. “And yes, with digital communication many people feel handwriting is unnecessary, even archaic or silly.”

Today, I personally write thank you notes whenever I have the chance. After business referrals or meetings that are extremely helpful or productive. My cards come from Hallmark, which has a wide variety of styles and selections to fit your personality. There are an abundance of sites on the web that allow you to search for what fits your personal brand the best.

Siegel notes that decision makers and top executives are often so busy that something out of the ordinary like a letter can be a great strategy for getting their attention.

“My clients are corporate executives and they receive hundreds of emails a week. They’re so busy with meetings they hardly have time for a coffee or a ‘hello’ in the lobby,” Siegel added. “So how do we shake it up and stand out? We’ll send a handwritten thank you note. Short, sweet, and informal. It does leave a lasting impression. It’s the ACT of writing and mailing, the ART of writing and mailing, that will elevate someone in my mind.”

Taking the time to write these notes is something that sets me a part from my competition. Add this tactic to your routine and see the difference it makes.
Read Siegel’s article from Inc. Magazine on How To Write A Thank You Letter:

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