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Public Relations: A Challenging but Rewarding Career

Public Relations: A Challenging, But Rewarding Career

By: Caroline Radom, account manager

Throughout my life, the thing that has probably most stood out about me is my ability to communicate (for better or worse – my grade school teachers might agree that my communication skills were perhaps a bit too developed and distracted my classmates!) My passion for relationship building and communicating led me to a career in communications, and more specifically, public relations.

wordsBeyond my excitement for communications and love of relationship building, there are other facets of public relations that led me to a career path that inspires me each day.

Variety is the spice of life when you work in PR (at least for me, it is!). Through my work at Commonwealth Public Relations, I have the opportunity to work closely with a wide variety of clients each day. From working with non-profit organizations to telecommunications clients, working for clients across a wide range of sectors means that things are certainly never dull. Each day is different, which means that each day presents a new set of challenges, but also an opportunity to find solutions to each challenge.

Another facet of my career that keeps me motivated and inspired is the thrill of delivering great results to clients. At Commonwealth Public Relations, we work closely with each of our clients and there is nothing more gratifying than knowing the hard work put in on a project has generated positive results for a client.

Personally, my favorite thing about working in public relations is knowing that the work done truly makes a difference, not only for our clients, but also the communities we work in. Telling the stories of our clients to effectively support their goals, mission and growth is so meaningful and makes me excited to get out of bed each day.

I am so fortunate to have a career that provides opportunities each day to generate new ideas, nurture innovation and turn brainstorming sessions into real results for clients, which simply never gets old!

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