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Quit Spamming and Start Blogging

Twitter1By: Brian Chandler, president of Commonwealth PR

If you considered yourself an industry expert just because you share a lot of information from various sources via your social media channels, I’m ready to challenge your way of thinking.

Additionally, if you’re the social media manager for your company and employ this tactic, there are some helpful hints below that will increase your engagement and potentially your company’s ROI.

Repurposing content, which is a tactic commonly used by those well-versed in content strategy, is not sharing everyone else’s work via your Twitter all day long.

It has become common for companies and individuals to share content from various sources all day long via their social media channels and personally I think it feels more like spam than helpful information. Before I go any further, I will admit that we often share pre-packaged content from other blogs and websites, but we try to be very selective about what we use and how often we share other people’s information with our followers. There are a lot of smart and strategic people contributing content via the Internet. These are considered best practices and should be shared.

But, here’s the bottom line.

If you want to be a rainmaker and move the needle with your digital marketing, you have to stop stealing everyone else’s content and start creating your own, or repurposing others in the right way. This shouldn’t be hard for my colleagues in the PR and marketing field because much of what we do is write and think strategically about what we do. This is also one reason why we recently made-over the blog on the Commonwealth PR website and have started posting our own content at least once a week.

That said, here are a couple of things to consider next time you are filling up your HootSuite, TweetDeck, or other social media management platform with content from everyone else:

  • blog1Write a blog about things you are doing that are new, unique or working, and share it.
  • Write a blog about the trend you are posting (spamming us) about and hyperlink to the article, then share it. (This article prompted me to think about this particular topic and blog about it.)
  • Share a case study or personal example of how you have implemented something similar to the topic that another person blogged about or is being discussed.
  • Search for conversations that are taking place via social media and insert yourself in those conversations. Then utilize repurposed content as supporting material.
  • Ask questions related to the topics that you were going to post about first and engage in conversation. Then share the information later.
  • Give us a little perspective on why what you are sharing is important and why we should read it.

Lastly, I would encourage you to get away from always sharing industry specific content and do something fun with social media. Run a contest, give something away, or share something that helps build your personal brand or company brand in a new way.

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