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REVIVING… A Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail

REVIVING… A Direct Mail Campaign

By: Leah Batten, marketing account manager

Many organizations used to use direct marketing as a main strategic marketing channel. Since the inception of the Internet, email and social media, many companies have ceased their efforts and strictly focused their budget online.

Is Direct Mail really DEAD? Like radio and TV before the Internet, marketing mediums may change and evolve, but as I explained recently, they don’t disappear. At Commonwealth PR, we counsel our clients that as long as you continue to send real value to your customers via their mailboxes, you’ll be able to keep using direct mail as an effective marketing strategy.

Are you now thinking about adding this efficient and measurable channel back into your marketing efforts?

I hope so!

So how can you make this valuable marketing tool work for you? Ask yourself the following questions to get started:

  • What do your customers value?
  • What do your customers want to receive from you? Coupons and discounts are a popular choice, but could you dig deeper?
  • How can you help make their life easier?

Now, lets focus on a few tips for strategically implementing a successful direct mail campaign:

1. Cast A Small Net

Make sure you have clearly defined your audience and target specifically to their needs. Don’t just mass mail. The more focused and segmented your list, the greater your success.

2. Avoid The Trashcan

You don’t want your piece to be instantly labeled as “Junk Mail.” Strategies like using a personal stamp instead of the bulk rate, or choosing a different sized envelope other than a #10, instantly increases your chances of getting the envelope opened.

3. Explore Your Printing Options

Small list? Consider handwriting your envelope instead of printing labels. Larger list? Many printers have software programs with handwritten fonts that can be merged with your data and printed. Personally addressed envelopes increase open rates.

4. Catch Their Attention

Consider using a “teaser” on the outside of the envelope to entice opening. Who is King of the Hill? COPY! Make sure your opening letter copy catches their interest and forces continued reading. Weave your message throughout the letter and include a strong, clear call to action so your readers know what the next steps are.

5. Make It Personal

If your data allows, try to use the recipient’s first name in your salutation. Loyal customers should be recognized and thanked while new customers should be welcomed. Ultimately, people want to know you who they are and that you appreciate their patronage.

While our inboxes are packed to the brim with emails (some even full to capacity!), and our mailboxes are being neglected, now’s the time to consider a Direct Mail campaign. With the ability to analyze ROI, direct mail is a great strategy for those looking for measurable results. Also, with the lack of competition, you might find your response rates skyrocket.

So let’s get mailing!

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