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Stayin’ Alive

Stayin’ Alive

How to Keep that Media Hit Alive

By Frazier Fulton, director of client services

Every media hit around our office is celebrated, which makes our office full of “woohoo” and high fives throughout the day. As soon as the story is published, we alert our client, and send a check-list of follow-up items. Sometimes, we draft a blog post including a link to the original story or draft social media content, depending on the client’s preferences and situation.

Once a story is published the work has just begun. When existing customers or clients see a company they know in the media, their trust and recognition of the brand improve.

Here is a list of tactics to keep your story alive:

  • Gather all of the hits and stories, pull media clips to easily share across mediums such as; Facebook, Twitter, blogs, company Intranets, newsletters, new business pitch decks, etc..
  • Write specific content for each medium. A short blog post explaining the article or clip will be different than social media content announcing the news.
  • Boosting a Facebook post allows you to segment the audience you want to target.
  • Be timely, ensure you’re not waiting too long after the story is published. Two days is a practical goal.
  • Tag the outlet that covered your news, this gives them a nod and they will notice your outreach.
  • Ask your partner companies and employees to share the news from your page on their own social media sites.
  • Email a link or video clip to key partners of the organization – board members, investors, target clients are a good place to start.

Following these tips will extend the reach of the news and help you reach your goals to a larger target audience.

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