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The Pros & Cons of Boosting Facebook Posts

The Pros & Cons of Boosting Facebook Posts

By: Tori Valentine, account manager

How often do you check Facebook? Be honest. Three to four times a day? Maybe more? Probably. Here’s another question: why do you check it? Because you want to see what’s up with your friends and the news from the pages you follow. Simple right? Well, what happens when you keep seeing the exact same post over and over? You might get frustrated or annoyed. I mean, what business does this post have cluttering up your newsfeed? You’ve already seen it three times in the last week. Time to click the “Unfollow” button – that’s what it’s there for.

Sponsored posts are not new to Facebook. Users and administrators of fan pages have been utilizing the “Boost” option for years now. It can be a great tool to get the word out about initiatives, fundraisers, events and topics. But, when used too often or not  targeted correctly, these posts can sometimes result in negative feedback on your page.

We recommended that one of our clients boost a post or two because they have satellite offices in different parts of Virginia and needed to get the word out about an event that was to target a small area in the state. They boosted the post and it eventually reached over 48,000 Facebook users. We were thrilled with the high reach, but our negativefeedbackteam also noticed that their page had received some negative feedback during the time the post was boosted.

The average organic reach for a daily Facebook post on their page is usually around 500. However, during the week that the post was boosted, none of the other posts on their page reached over 400. This alarmed me as I usually see the numbers steadily climb throughout the day. What was happening? What was with the sudden drop in organic reach?

We started to do some digging and through our research we found that it was likely the boosted post that cannibalized the organic reach of the posts that were not boosted throughout that week. The boosted post essentially overshadowed the rest of the daily posts and resulted in a jump in negative feedback (see image) on the client’s page. Users either hid the post or unfollowed the posts and some even unliked the fan page.

Overall, the likes on our client’s page increased and the post reached many users. We were able to assure them that as long as the positive feedback outweighed the negative, the post was still beneficial for their organization and the program they were promoting.

There are many benefits to boosting a post on Facebook, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind the negative impacts of it as well.

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