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Vine – The new “Video Tweet”


By: Christine Maldonado, social media manager

When Twitter emerged in 2006, we asked, what can you do with 140 characters? How could that possibly be effective? Well, 500 million users and 340 million average daily tweets later, it’s caught on and can be pretty effective.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced Vine, the new mobile app that allows users to upload short video clips to Twitter or Facebook. When they say short, they’re not kidding. Six seconds. So, we ask again. Really? How could that possibly be effective? This is the new challenge posed to companies, getting across their message in six seconds or less. If your elevator speech is only one or two sentences, can’t you compress that into six seconds? The creative possibilities are endless.

How are you going to use Vine? Here are just a few ways Commonwealth PR is helping clients integrate it:

  • Promo new products
  • Demos
  • Clips from a live events
  • Humanizing a brand, introduce the world to people in your company
  • Fast facts

Exploring Vine, there are already great examples of Do’s and Don’ts.

A video shot from nine or 10 angles and packed into six seconds is going to make your brain hurt.  Too much content in too little time is not going to benefit anyone.

Check out these examples, but remember, less is more and Vine videos can only be six seconds:

Trailer Teaser for the Wolverine Movie:

Keep your video to just a few angles. Get your point across, directly:

Who else is already using Vine? News outlets, sports teams, and big name companies including NBC, MSNBC, Tech,  Liverpool Football Club, Michigan State, George Mason Basketball, Dove, and Doritios – just to name a few.

Is Vine really going to be an effective use of social media? Give it time. Just as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all found their niche, we think Vine will too.

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